Turn up

This month we focus on turning up the soil, in other terms digging deep.  Which is fitting because November has been full on rain which does just that! I have been focusing on speaking my truth to what comes up and through that I find peace.  Peace in our lives is a gift not to take lightly.  When I am grounded and in a safe enviornment that suppprts me emotionally I am able to honour my feelings and find peace.  I am fortunate to have that in my life today at the roost. The sober house I live in.  It has been a slow journey but each day brings new awareness and growth.  I realize now what a gift it is to be around people who love themselves.  We all take up space, and it is important to understand what space you take up.  When I let go and love myself it allows others around me in and a supportive connection can be made.  Rambles.  Just some head thoughts.

Allmylove xoxo



November Chills

Ì wonder if you forgot about me?  It has been awhile since I last wrote to you, a long while.  A lot has gone on in my world and I am feeling a strong urge to start writing again…this is an inspiring feeling to have as I was not sure it would return.  It is like my paintings my creativity comes and goes in spurts.  It’s like a game of snakes and ladders.  So here I am November 9th 2017 and the stars aligned and led me to pick up my trusty iPad(thank you jane) and write.  As posts go on I’m sure bits and pieces of where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to will come to light but for now I just wanted to say hi.  I hope your well.

My Love xoxo




Thinking of eveŕyone, it’s another snowy day here!  Had a good morning workout sesh and I’m feeling fine.  I have a good feeling about March and am excited for what it entails.  Yesterday I had to drop someone off downtown and while I waited decided to pop into the thrift store!  Salmon Arm doesn’t have the best vintage shops, but if you go early you can sometimes find a good item.  Like my nice leather belt I found, it is so oerfect, and I’ve been needing a solid belt for some time now.  A belt can really pull an outfit together. Like the one I’m wearing today!  Total mauve everything, and a new pink scrunch I bought from adrenes.

Gotta run!


Love Andrea



Hi lovies,

Jan bought me this cute little saying – don’t wake the bear!  I loveee it!  Hehe since I’ve been so busy sometimes I need a break,  so I’ll put this outside my door when necessary so I can have undisturbed quiet time!  Things are good, still have snow, been busy.  Jan and I went down to Vancouver on friday and left in good time so that we could go to mac makup!  Sarah had got me a gift card for there so I was able to treat  myself to a new blush and powder!20170228_161207

Take care,

With love, xoxo


Chicken in!

Hi everyone! It been a little while, and I thought it’s about time for a good check in.  I hope everyone is keeping well, the sun has been shinning here the last little while and spring is on its way!  The other morning I was meditating outside and a flock of Robins flew into a tree by me.  I have never seen Robins travel together like that!  A few here or there but there must have been 20!  I did take a photo but it doesn’t do it justice.

Things on my end have been good and busy.  The centre is full and we have been shuffling rooms around trying to make everyone fit.  I hope for a little while everyone will now get adjusted and into a routine.  Ittakes a few weeks usually.  I’ve been gym in every morning, although yesterday we got a little busy so kev and I snuck out mid afternoon.  It was okay, different people and vib at the gym at that time as a lot of high school kids must go after school.  I’ll stick to my morning routine when it’s nice and quiet, somewhat of an early bird special if you know what I mean hehe.

I got some business cards for me, I’ve never had business cards before.  I’m not sure who I’ll hand them out to, but little changes, big steps, all moving forward for a future of big things!  I don’t have much else to report.  With being busy I’ve had a harder time keeping up with my selfncsre, and will focus on that more this upcoming weekend.

Today’s attire, these cute patterned leggings, a lace cam from banana and a fitted wool jacked from high lucy!  I wore my hair in a bun and threw on a bandana,😊

my love to you all,

Stay happy!





One Love

Family day here!

Silly everyone in Canada doesn’t have the same holiday, family is often all over, either way, it is nice to have.  We keep with the normal schedule at the centre.  I think a little more love is apparent though on a special day.  We become a family at the centre pretty quickly, helping each other and being there for one another, you get in sink pretty quickly will people and their living habits.  There is a good crew here now which is a blessing.

I had a nice weekend, got some baking done and my personal errands.  Ready for the week ahead and feel rested.  I baked these banana peanut butter muffins that were tasty from  it called for half a cup of pent butter but I would double that next time.  I saw some friends yesterday at a meeting, and took a good nap in the afternoon.  The suns been out and it’s getting warmer around minus 5 here today.

I hope everyone has a good day and I’m thinking of you all… distance does not change the love I hold, if anything makes it stronger.

xoxo my love,


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