One Love

Family day here!

Silly everyone in Canada doesn’t have the same holiday, family is often all over, either way, it is nice to have.  We keep with the normal schedule at the centre.  I think a little more love is apparent though on a special day.  We become a family at the centre pretty quickly, helping each other and being there for one another, you get in sink pretty quickly will people and their living habits.  There is a good crew here now which is a blessing.

I had a nice weekend, got some baking done and my personal errands.  Ready for the week ahead and feel rested.  I baked these banana peanut butter muffins that were tasty from  it called for half a cup of pent butter but I would double that next time.  I saw some friends yesterday at a meeting, and took a good nap in the afternoon.  The suns been out and it’s getting warmer around minus 5 here today.

I hope everyone has a good day and I’m thinking of you all… distance does not change the love I hold, if anything makes it stronger.

xoxo my love,


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