Harry potter

Hi everyone, happy hump day!

It has been beyond cold here lately, lots of snow at night and most mornings are -17!  But I call it Harry potter weather because we’ve had clear blue skies during the day which warms it up so much I often have to change into a lighter coat in the afternoon.  This morning I had a nice workout, I usually run 5k on the treadmill and today’s time was my best yet!  Must a have been the carb load last night of lasagna hehe.  I still have to think up what today’s meals will be, lunches are easy but it’s taking some getting used to for the dinners, as I am learning more about meat.  Cooking for myself is a lot different then cooking for 8!

Today I am wearing a cute comfy outfit. By now you should know my style is to always dress for comfort while looking put together.  I’m wearing a mauve pair of draw string pants and a cut cream coloured knit top.  I’ve been obsessing over headbands lately and wore this cute one with jems on it.  I would say this is a Jasmin inspired look 😊

Feeling content and peaceful today.  I’ve also added to my self care list again.  I am getting back into my mindful guided meditations again!  Feels good and allows me a break in the day to concentrate on my breath.  YouTube is what I am using right now, and I highly recommend everyone to try one at some point today.  You can do one anywhere from a few minutes to hours.  I also listen to a healing Reiko meditation at night, it’s of soft music and puts me into a deep sleep, I leave that playing all night.

How is everyone doing?  Thinking of you all and sending my love your way.

My love xoxo,



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