Hi there,

I have some exciting news, Jan has asked me to do the blog for the centre, beyond 12, as well as the grocery shopping.  This is exciting for me because I love grocery shopping.  It’s not too much stress but needs to be done twice a week.  This means I can also start couponing a bit hahaha.  It’s been a long while since I’ve had any type of a job and so I am feeling very good about it.

Tonight my girlfriend Trisha is picking me up to hang out.  I haven’t seen her in awhile and have missed her so I am looking forward to that!  She has a french bulldog named Winston and I hope he remembers me, I bought him a treat just in case!😂

Anyways, had a good gym sesh this morning.  I’ve been on an egg kick lately.  I have been having a hard boiled egg everyday, I should do some research on that.  But I think it would only be a problem if I had high cholesterol.  Also, I’ve stared the new series OA on netflix.  Has anyone else watched it?  I think I like it so far.

Cloudy day here.  Dreaming of sun kissed skin and beaches.  Winter here has felt long, and I miss my summer clothes.  Today I wore my hair in a high pony.  I am wearing my go to skinny black jeans, Calvin Klein and my extra wide layered rust coloured top (it is super comfy)

Until tomorrow,

My love,



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  1. Andrea – what a great match – you and grocery shopping for Jan! So pleased. Important job too. We’re missing the sun too – clouds since we’ve been home … we all need some sun!


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