Up and running

Well, today’s a good day as I made it to the gym this morning.  It was nice I know a few people there so I saw them!  It felt ok, although the first day back at the gym always a makes me a tad discouraged as to how quickly I lose my muscle booo.  Thank goodness it has good memory and in a week I’ll be as good as new😁

I helped make lunch today: a salad (obs), soup, and create your own wraps.  It was sewww good, I stuck with the soup and salad and then had a little lay down.  Its felt like a busy week for me, getting right back into things and the last two nights not sleeping well, I’m a tired out girl…

I don’t have much on the agenda for the weekend, what is everyone up to ?  I’m going to say goodbye before my tablet dies !

love you




One thought on “Up and running”

  1. Hi Andrea, glad about you getting a little rest – sounds busy. Bill’s still sick, so we are taking it easy too. Gradually finishing the reno… I hope to go the Zumba tomorrow

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