Whimsical Wednesday


This morning I woke up and I new exactly what I wanted to wear, what a great feeling that is.  Today’s attire is a long lost dress mom brought out for me that I haven’t seen in a year! It is flowy and tie die, which is why I’m calling it a whimsical wednesday, although some people might mistaken me for whacky hehe.  I paired it with my grey tights from banana and a light grey long sleeve.  I pulled my hair up in a wrap around braid and a high up do!

I hope everyone is feeling good.  I have been eating and sleeping well and next will add in my exercise.  Self care is at an all time high right now and I hope you are doing the same.  January is said to be a hard month for people.  With the holidays behind us I and the start of a new year I will look at it as a fresh start with endless possibilities.  I have added to myself care list as well.  It’s called ending a day.  With the mind frame that,if it has been tough, I just will accept the bad day and call it a day.  Knowing that after a nights rest I will feel different when I wake.

Anyways just wanted to wish everyone a happy day.  We are having butternut squash for soup on this snowy day.

xoxo my love,




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