It’s been a long time…

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, and although things have not been easy, today I will reflect on the good times that came from the bad.

Where to begin.  Mom and I finished up our ski trip in good spirits.  We got a lot accomplished and it felt good.  We skiied, went tubbing, and I got my BC drivers lisence.  Mom and Jane helped me with so much and got to meet the people who have taken me under their wing.

Mom and I flew home and got in early Sunday morning, sunday I got my hair coloured and Lola seemed to think my hair was the best she’s ever seen it.  Which was really encouraging for me… I had a bad slip that set me back Sunday night so Tuesday morning mom drove me up to spend time in Huntsville at my uncle Bruce and aunt Paulines.  I had never been to their place or spent much time with them for that matter.  They are my godparents and it felt good to connect with them and see all that they have accomplished.

Pauline and I went for walks and cross countried.  We had some good meals and chatted then bruce took me on a snowmobile ride all over their property so I could see their other cabins and how big the place actually is.  Lots and lots of land.  I got to see bruce take off with his dogs on the sled.

Then we drove down for Grampi’s celebration of life.  It was pretty sad but special to see what a positive influence he has had on so many and the family he and Grammi created.  I’m sorry I did not get to visit my family for longer.

I then went home packed and mom drove me to the airport.  I flew to Vancouver this time and Justin picked me up to spend a few nice days catching up with him and Macho.  We spent one night in Monte Lake their families summer retreat and now I am back in Salmon Arm.

I was full of sadness yesterday, but tried to nuture myself, knowing that is a normal feeling for me that comes along with change.  I need to focus and work harder to get myself back on track, and I will carry you through that journey once again.

I love you all immensely.

xoxo Andrea ❤


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