Is it new years yet?

Sorry I was m.i.a  for a little while there.  I talked to mom and she thought if I’m having a bad day I  should say.  I dont want my blog to be stressful for anyone.  But i think i may bevause i want my readers to feel they are important.  On days I don’t blog I don’t stop thinking of you so please don’t take it personall.   This is very good for me as i often feel people dont know what i dò or go through. So good or bad I will make sure I tell you.

I went to visit and spend Christmas with my aunt Jane and her family.  Very special.  I’m truly blessed to have been with family.


my love



One thought on “Is it new years yet?”

  1. Good to see you posting again An, and I appreciate the honesty. It’s hard to say when you’re having a hard time but better to share. We all have days, thinking of you and sending you love and hugs. Just remember the sun will come up each new day! Love you.

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