Sundayz best!


Hi everyone !  I hope everyone is enjoying their sunday😊

I have had such a nice few days and I am sorry for slacking on my updates!  Friday I went to the noon meeting and then to Boston pizza for lunch with my friend Steen.  He carved me a beautiful fish I will hang on my wall. (I posted a picture of it on friday).  I had the Thai chicken wrap and it was delicious.  When I got home I had a present waiting for me that Mary had dropped off.  She bought me a scarf hat, I also posted the blurry picture of it on friday.  Sooooo special, it was nice for me to reconnect with familiar faces at the meeting.

Yesterday was a lovely day as well.  Aunt Jane came to visit me !  We had a special time together and I am so happy she got to see where I am living.  We shopped and I got a warm pair of boots as well as this super jacket!  Then we had a nice lunch at a restaurant called home.  I got the turkey club and Jane had the soup !  I love eating out at restaurants, which is a good thing because tonight Jan is taking a few of us out for an early Christmas dinner!  We are going to the Quaaout lodge, at talking rock resort.  I have never been there so I will let you know what I think !  I am going to be a cheat and look up the menu before hand to be prepared.

I am about to head out for a walk.  I hope you like my hair cut, I love it!  It feels so much healthier, Mary cut it for me today.

My love to you all,

xoxo Andrea


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