Call me😄


Hi beauties,

I’m back in action with my phone, same number phew, it felt like a long week without it that’s forsure.  I had an early morning gym sesh and it’s been snowing ever since!  So I decided to bundle up a little, my sweater and headband are club Monico alpaca, tank from h n m and I’m wearing skinny roots sweatpants with my blundstones. Total Friday attire if I do say so myself!

Today has been good for me, as I spent most of the day with Jan!  I have projects on the go right now that I’ll be able to show you by the end of next week!  My white bedroom set I’m cabby chic’ing, trunk DIY, and a chair I’m Re finishing.  Once those are done I will get back into painting abstract!

For lunch jan and I split a spinach and feta wrap from starbucks, it was okay…but my suggestion for anyone that needs to grab lunch on the go, your local grocery store is where it’s at!  You get the most bang for your buck at the deli when they make the fresh Sandy in front of you.  And it’s also good to keep a bag of nuts n bolts in your purse just incase you get held up and hangry!

Eat happy, call me,

xoxo my love



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