Just got in from a walk, -10 outside, my hands get so cold so fast!  I bought a hand cream today that is all natural, all purpose, so I can use it on my face and hair as well.  It’s called weleda skin food, I hope it helps my poor hands and will let you know my review in a week!  I also need to increase my good fats, my omega 3’s (avacado, salmon, tuna, and nuts). Healthy from the inside out, the change in weather really takes a toll on my skin!

Anyways I slept like a baby last night, ànd feel very rested.  This morning I went to the dump with Jan and tomorrow I’m going to clean the basement.  All things I enjoy doing, running errands here and there, cleaning ect. And all things Jan doesn’t have time to do, so it’s really perfect!  Tonight we are having homemade enchiladas and I cannot wait!  I can’t remember the last time I had anything Mexican.  Has anyone made anything good recently, maybe a recipe in the crock pot you’ve tried?  My favorite is having a nice homemade soup, I could have soup for lunch everyday.  Today it was tomatoes and grilled cheese!  How comforting.

Right now I’m writing this as I watch Ellen, she’s the best.

Happy hump day all you beauties,

I love you,

xoxo Andrea


2 thoughts on “Brrrr”

  1. Hi Andrea – my fingers get cold too. No fun. I made “dairy free turkey tetrazzini” for our Xmas dinner at bill’s sister. It uses coconut milk, mushrooms, turkey, pasta and I added green beans and broccoli. Our grand-niece made a special request for it again this year. It was easier than turkey with all the trimmings…at least it’s a one dish meal. I also eat a lot of soup!


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