Buddha Breath

Have you ever heard of buddha breath or breathing?  It is a form of meditation that concentrates on your breath.  To do this I sit on the edge of my seat with my knees bent and to the side, stright back, and your arms hanging in a comfortable position.  When you breath in, you breath in expanding your belly, filling it with love and light.  When you breath out you exhale and your belly flattens, breathing out all your anxieties and worries. And then you are home.  After a few times of doing this I can get into a totally different mindset, it puts me at èase and into a mindful zen state.  Everything is as it is, and you are right where you are suppose to be, bringing you into the now.  John Lennon said “everything will be okay in the end.  If it’s not okay, then it’s not the end”…

I started my day with my buddha breath and have been fairly relaxed all day.  I went on a nice brisk walk this morning, it’s really chilly out!  I also attending group all day which was very inspirational, there are a bunch of very nice people at the centre.  They are clients, and I am considered a resident, which is why I don’t have to attend group but can when I feel like it.  Also why I have more privacy and am separate from the house.  I may go to vernon tomorrow as there is no rogers here to get my phone up and running.  I have one but need to change the number and get a new Sim card.

It’s been awhile since I last ate kiwi, but just had one for a snack and it was soon tasty!  How do you eat your kiwi?  I cut mine lengthwise in half and then spoon it out like a mini bowl.  Apparently you are suppose to eat the skin just like you would an apple, the most nutrients is there, but I haven’t tried that yet.

Stay warm!

with Love

xoxo Andrea



2 thoughts on “Buddha Breath”

  1. I don’t know if I’ve ever eaten a whole kiwi! Just pieces in a fruit tray. Kind of tempted to try one like an apple now – I’ll let you know how it goes. Keep up the blogging sister! Love reading your posts xoxo


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