Forever Friday

Hey babes,

Happy Friday!  Sometimes it feels like forever to get to Friday, this was a long week for me as I had so many changes to digest.  I move over to my suite today and can’t wait!

I went to the gym last night and that was a big step, the initial first time is always the hardest.  ButI got right back into it,  I think I’ve been missing my exercise more than I thought.  Relieved some anxieties and I was able to have a better sleep!  This afternoon we are going to Margaret Falls, I bet it will be pretty this time of year.  It’s a few minute hike from the road but it feels like your in jurassic park hehe.

I haven’t looked at my horoscope in a long time so thought I would today, here is what it says;

The same old same old has never felt more drab or dreary than today, Bull, as expressive Mercury bolts into Capricorn and your adventurous ninth house until February 7. Even your comfort-seeking sign will be enthusiastic about exploring fresh terrain and meeting new people during this extra-long Mercury phase. When the messenger planet turns retrograde from December 19-January 8, revisit relationship or situations from your past and see if there’s still some “juice” there.

Sounds about right I am feeling enthusiastic and positive about the future,  I will revisit and remind myself of this when I am having an off day.  What helps you when your having ‘one of those days’?… Im an emotional over sensitive person.  I try and think of the facts, and then practice good self care, I have a list of go to’s

  1. walk
  2. talk
  3. bake
  4. music
  5. paint
  6. bath
  7. hot shower
  8. laundry
  9. clean
  10. face mask
  11. nails
  12. read
  13. now I can add blog and gym

I think it’s good to think about what yours are, and if you don’t get to any of them during the week, that’s what Sundays are for!

Let me know what your up to this weekend, I know mom and dad are going to Lenore’s birthday party!  I’ll be settling into my new space.


My Love





One thought on “Forever Friday”

  1. Hi Andrea – love your list! I’m one for toast and tea (honey on the toast please) -and listening to audio books or music. We’re having our “Ottawa Xmas” this weekend – turkey tetrazzini at Bill’s sister’s tonight, with his nephew James and grand-niece Aurore (10). James has muscular dystrophy & is in a wheelchair. Lives with his Mom. Then tomorrow Jack will come for turkey dinner. Bill cooked the turkey yesterday… keep blogging!


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