Gaga always gets me going


I’ve started walking again in the mornings and it feels good, I hope to pick it up to a jog soon…just waiting for that motivation to kick in!  Now that I have my things I can use my little ipod that Lisa uploaded songs to for my birthday which is a huge help!  I’m half way unpacking, most of my things I’ve washed, folded, and put away.

I’m so happy we have seasons here, I love my summer clothes, but love my oversized knits and big wooly scarfs just the same!  Do you have a go to this season?  My fav right now is a thrift store find, this white cozy jacket that goes with everything!  I also managed to find my new years eve outfit already (no plans) lol😊

Still no snow, but it’s coming, maybe this weekend.  I love the first snowfall when everything is coated in white, it’s a special feeling.  There is a real fireplace at beyond 12 (i will now refer to as b12).  We need to get some wood, it will be nice for me, remind me of home.  I’m feeling a little homesick as I still don’t have my phone to chat with everyone…Fingers crossed for today.

Happy December everyone,

With love,

xòxo, Àndrea



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