Wishful Wednesdays

Today is a good day, it is amazing how different one can feel after a good night’s sleep.  I went to bed tired, a little scared and with a lot of anxiety.  However, this morning I woke up feeling positive and wishful!

I will give everyone a bit of an update, since I haven’t been on the phone to inform many of my plans…

  1. I have permentally left my place in Vernon
  2. I am moving into a self contained suite beside ‘beyond 12’ in Salmon Arm
  3. Jan is the lady who owns beyond 12 (who I will be working closely with as we have a lot of projects on the go)
  4. We are hoping to open a decor shop once we find the right location
  5. Mel  is also moving to Salmon Arm for the same reason as I am
  6. This allows me to be both independent with support and purpose
  7. It is a long term commitment

This was a big decision, hence my anxieties, but the best decision to get where I want to be faster.  I will be surrounded by love and support, while I break down the barriers that have stopped me.  I hope to gain my self confidence and to learn,be open and to grow in these upcoming months and am excited to have you alla part of my journey.  I hope to be in a place where I am strong enough that you feel comfortable leaning on me for a change.

I can’t wait to set up my place and to invite you in to my home away from home, until I am set up, your stuck with me and my selfis hehe.  Today I am wearing my faded Calvin Klein jeans, h&m pink top and my LILLA sweater.  I’m also obsessed with scrunchies, this on I’m wearing is black velvet, and my scarf is actually a throw that I dbl as a scarf.  It feels like Christmas having all of my clothes in one place.  I also got a new trunk that my summer wear will go into, I’ll show you a picture once I DIY it!

Today’s agenda: walk in the morning, laundry, laundry, laundry, and some book keeping for Jan in between.

This site has some great Ted talks I was telling you about earlier, http://www.thediscoveryhouse.com/03/17/2016/5-ted-talks-recovering-drug-abuse/

Happy hump day,

With Love,

xoxo Andrea



3 thoughts on “Wishful Wednesdays”

  1. Thanks for the update Andrea! It’s natural to have anxieties making a change like you did but waking up positive should be a sign that it was ultimately the right choice! Love you and am proud of you! Xo


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