Man bun Monday

Lately I’ve been waking up a lot throughout the night, having lots of vivid dreams.  Maybe it’s the position my mirror is placed, there’s probably some Feng shui rule about where it should go. I know in your bedroom your mirror should not be place facing you from any position, and right now mine is angled towards my bed. I’ll move it tonight and let you know.

Jane recently sent me an email that got me thinking of what some of my goals are, short and long term.  And what those goals will look like.  I’ve heard it before, that creating a visual, something like a vision bored can be a great tool.  Most of my collauges are of random things I like, but I’ve never actually sat down and picked out pictures or put pen to paper.

One of my short term goals, for me that is within 2 years, I would like to get an emotional support dog.  I researched last night and found the dog that best suites me and my needs.  The process in getting the dog is quite simple.  So once I can afford him/her and have some savings I’ll proceed.  You can do the survey too to find out what type of dog would best suite your needs: this HTML class. Value is


This is mine, the soft coated wheaten terrier pure bred., isn’t he perfect.!  Now I have a vision!  Let me know what you guys get hehe.

Have a great day, blue skies here.

With Love,

xoxo Andrea



3 thoughts on “Man bun Monday”

  1. Andrea I love your new blog. I am so impressed that you figured out how to do it. I knew you were thinking of it. Did you figure it out yourself or was someone able to help you? You add love and beautiful thoughts to the world sharing yourself this way. Thankyou!
    Bill and I are just back from our Oshawa visit – Enjoyed it. Look forward to our visit with you too.


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