Hello Friday^

Good morning, happy day!

It’s windy here, still no snow but lots of rain.  It’s neat being in the mountains when it’s windy, you can really see how fast the clouds are moving.  I’m feeling OK today, woke up early and did some reading.  Live with Kelly is on at 9, besides Kelly & Ellen I don’t watch much tv.  I watch Netflix or stream shows for the most part😊

I feel a little scandal’s every time I wear my white pants past labor day, but they’re my Favorite so I’m doing it.  Same with pigtails, I don’t know of pigtails are OK now that I’m 30.  I put my hair in two french breads every night, so my hair crimps in the morning and I don’t have to zap it with the flat-iron.  I read somewhere that people with fine hair should do that, unless you have silk pillow cases!  Who knows, myth?

The latest trend this year seems to be chockers, velvet chockers for that matter!  I remember Grammy Pat gave me a black velvet chockers when I was younger, it’s still in my jewelry box at home… Last night I painted my nails OPI mod about you, which for some reason always reminds me of Mon!

My plan today is having coffee with Jan. There is a piece, a tall candle or plant stand that I am going to try to DIY it cabby chic, it will be a work and process, I’m also working on a collauge*spl?, and will try and start a painting.  Once I get enough of my paintings together that I like I will either try and sell them on kajiji or eventually my hope would be a local cafe.

I hope everyone has a special day,

Stay mindful, with love

xoxo Andrea


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