Seriously Though!

Hello, I’m Andrea!  Thank you so much for visiting!  In search of a new creative outlet and a chance to better connect with those I love, I’VE DECIDED TO START A BLOG❤.  This has been a goal of mine for quite sometime, yet never thought it was possible.  I tend to be self conscious and put limits on myself.

HERE IS A POP QUIZ…which of these do you agree with?

  1. Intelligence is fixed at birth
  2. Some people are creative, others aren’t
  3. You can become a world class expert through enough practice, whatever your starting point
  4. You can change your personality

If you agreed with the first two statements, you’re coming from a fixed mindset. If you agreed with the second two, you’ve got a growth mindset.

I think for a long time I’ve been stuck in a closed mindset, my focus is to open up and change my views and beliefs to that of a growth mindset.  Breaking down the walls and barriers that hold me back and expressing myself.

In this blog I will talk about all things I love, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.  I love all things from feminin, dainty clothes, art, decor, and bedding.  I will post pictures, and often selfie’s!  So bare with me as I explore and learn how to make my blog more colourful and eventful!

Here goes nothing,

With Love,



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